Sunday, July 23, 2006

The day I went shopping....

Mummy took me to Carrefour, Subang yesterday. Ayah did not tag along. Mummy didn't bring my stroller, so I ended being hooked on to her for a good 10 minutes or so, while she wandered from floor to floor. Then we went to Carrefour's baby room, which was quite comfy, but with minimal facilities. Mummy tried to feed me, which I refused initially, but suddenly I felt hungry, so I drank up the formula milk till the last drop. Actually, I didn't take my milk since morning. I only took plain water, which made Mummy quite concerned.

After that, Mummy changed my nappy and then she took me back to the parking lot. I thought she wanted to leave already. Maybe she couldn't stand carrying me around, together with my baby bag and bottle warmer. But then, we saw a trolley with a specialized carrier meant for babies to lie on. It was quite comfy, and the material was quite soft. While Mummy was tightening the safety belt on the carrier, a Chinese family came over to greet us and the Grandma remarked that I was a cute baby (heheh!!) A toddler tried to grab me, but luckily he couldn't reach me..nyeh!nyeh!

So, off we went back again into Carrefour. Mummy started her shopping spree with me looking around, absorbing the new world around me. There were a lot of people around, and the noise was quite irritating. I was enjoying the ride on top of the shopping trolley, while suddenly, I went ZZZZ....

It was a nice nap, but suddenly I woke up and started to cry. Mummy tried soothing me, but I just couldn't stop myself from screaming out loud! Mummy got panicked a bit, because my voice managed to top the boisterous noise around me! hehe...I quiet down after Mummy gave me my favourite plain water. From then on, back to absorbing the atmosphere around me. I enjoyed it very much, so much that even when the trainee cashier sucked at her task with Mummy's purchase for a good 20 minutes or so, I didn't even cry!

Back in the car after Mummy had finished with her shopping, I was fasten to the carseat. The journey back took us about 40 minutes. I amused myself with the toys that Mummy brought along, but after a while, I got bored and started crying again. Poor Mummy! She had to concentrate on the road while driving, but I just couldn't stand being strapped on the carseat for a long time. Luckily, the journey home would have to pass by some greenaries (forests), which I love so much. When we reached home, Atuk and Nenek were so happy because they had missed me while I was gone...

I hope Mummy would bring me out more often. I want to explore the whole world. Hopefully, next time we would go to the zoo or the beach.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

baldie pix

As promised, here is my latest photo... Still handsome, right?

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I am bald!!

Mummy and Ayah decided to let go of my hair on Saturday. The weather has always been humid these days, and I sweat a lot! Thus, I was bugged with heat rashes that cause terrible itchiness nobody could imagine. So, off my hair went, but I cried profusely while Ayah was doing it. I was scared of the trimmer machine! The noise was so loud, I got panicked. Luckily it didn't last very long, but of course I still look handsome and cute, hair on or off! hehe...

I met Ummi yesterday! She was so happy to see me... Initially, I couldn't exactly remember who she was. But, the happy memories with her slowly flooded my mind, and I laughed happily when she playfully talked with me.. I miss her, abang Zhariff, Kakak Mila and Baba so much!!

Pokcu has return to his hostel to start his new semester yesterday. I am going to miss him. I enjoyed playing with him while he was around. Cannot wait for this weekend to see him again.

Will post my new look when Mummy's done with uploading... Meanwhile, this is my picture with Mummy when my hair was still intact..hehe...

Friday, July 14, 2006

No time to update...

I have so much things to do today, so I will just cheat with more pictures of me in Ayah's hometown recently.

Seen here is me and my mummy and next to it is the picture with me and mak Ngah....

Thursday, July 13, 2006


I was not lazy to update this blog. It's just because the server was sooooo slow until I got fedup of waiting.

Anyway, Ayah, Mummy and myself went back to Ayah's hometown in Jasin over the weekend. Nek Teh's first daugther was getting married. We didn't actually attend the wedding, because we arrived hometown quite late. Everybody was around, saved for Mak Cik's family because all of them got infected by chicken-pox. Pak Lang bought a new car, a big Mercedez. Wonder when Ayah and Mummy are going to upgrade their cars...hehe..

As the youngest in the family, all attention was on me. I enjoyed the brief stay there immensely. But if Mak Cik's family was around, it would be more bombastic! I was surprised to find a photo of myself framed neatly on top of Nenek's decoration cabinet. I looked cute and cool in the picture..hehe..We went home late Sunday afternoon, and everybody in Mummy's house (Atuk, Nenek, Acik and Pokcu) had missed me so much although we were in Ayah's hometown for a short while only. I know everybody love me so much!! hehe...

On other note, Mummy forgot to tell Mak Cik Ani (my babysitter) that I am allergic to baby talc/powder. As a result, I got heat rashes all over my body. It's very itchy and made me very uncomfortable, especially when it is very warm or heaty. Normally, I would scrub my face with my hands, but usually people would stop me while I was doing it. Unable to do much, I resorted to normal solution- I CRIED LOUDLY!!! Mummy bought prickly heat/rash powder for me, and it had helped to tune down the itchiness. I hope they would disappear soon so that I can once again enjoy itchy-free life.

Yesterday Pokcu and Acik bought me mini trains complet with tracks, light and music. I enjoyed watching them move very much. Thanks Pokcu and Acik!!

Mummy was on sick leave on Monday and Tuesday. Her conjunctivitis came back after 2 weeks. Luckily it was not so serious and by second day, it was quite ok already. I enjoyed being home with Mummy and everyone else around. I slept vey little and played with everybody the whole day. Mummy even got me on video when I 'walked'! Of course with the help of Acik and Atuk lah. But, at 4 months, it was quite an achievement what? But I have yet to learn how to turn myself completely while lying. At the moment, I have only managed to turn sideways only. I wonder when I can turn fully so that I can rest on my tummy?

I have also found myself new hobbies. I like to grab things, be it Pokcu's or Acik's spectacles, Mummy's, Pokcu's or Acik's (or anybody's) hair and I like to pop them inside my mounth. I also like to suck on my fingers- they are so yummy!! Now, my gums are feeling itchy also and I like to lick them with my tongue. I think it would be soon that I am going to bite everyone... BEWARE OF MY TEETH!!! hehe....

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Friday, July 07, 2006

I had a bad tummy ache!!!! Waaaa!!!!

I was able to sleep peacefully from Maghrib till about 2pm last night. I didn't even wake up when Mummy came home from work. Mummy was just about to doze off at 2am, when I felt a sudden attack of hunger. Mummy fed me after I woke up and cried for milk. After that, I didn't feel like sleeping. I enjoyed playing with my sleepy Mummy. Although she looked really sleepy and tired, she still played along with me. I love my Mummy!

At about 3am, I think Mummy just couldn't stand being awake already. She put me in my spring cot, and although I resisted initially, I soon fell asleep.

Suddenly, I felt a terrible stomachache until I was jarred from my slumber. Immediately I screamed with pain, until the whole house woke up from their dreams. Poor Mummy tried to console me but to no avail. Nenek, Atuk and Acik took turn to console me because Mummy was too sleepy to console me anymore.

Nenek gave me gripewater for my colic. She then put me in my spring cot until I felt asleep. The pain never really went away until it was time for Mummy to send me to MakCik Ani's house. Mummy asked MakCik Ani whether I passed motion during my stay with her (hey it's already the 5th day I am under MakCik Ani's care!) Mummy panicked when MakCik Ani said no. Mummy said she would give me some remedies for my tummy later today. I hope it can cure me, so that I won't be in pain anymore.

See me below with Ayah and Mummy... Whose face do you think I took after??

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Testing 1,2,3.....

Mummy has created this blog especially for me! Come join me, as I explore the new world around me with my ever-loving Ayah, Mummy, Atuk, Nenek, Acik, Acik Emon (soon-to-be Acik's hubby) and Pokcu...